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Careers and Job Openings at Ann Arbor Arms

Please check this page often for job openings at Ann Arbor Arms!

At Ann Arbor Arms we value our customers; we work hard to earn our reputation for quality and integrity every day. Our Teams are seeking committed, service-oriented individuals who are passionate about educating and outfitting customers with the products we sell. We offer flexible schedules and opportunities for professional growth and development.

All employees must be able to pass a comprehensive background screening.

Please send your resume to jobs@annarborarms.com

Currently accepting resumes for SALES AND RANGE ASSOCIATES AND CASHIERS

An Ann Arbor Arms Sales and Range Associate is responsible for assisting customers in both the range and retail space.  As a retail person you will assist customers in their selection of products that meet their needs for their desired personal defense and outfitting and will maximize store sales. As a Range Associate you will be responsible for the basic safety and compliance of range rules for all customers and users of the Ann Arbor Arms range facility as well as work in Range check in area. Both roles focus on building customer loyalty through outstanding customer service by asking questions, listening, recommending products and closing the sale. Stocking, merchandising and maintaining a clean, replenished shopping and shooting environment for our customers is essential in creating a repeat customer.

  1. Responsible for assisting customers in their selection of products that meet their needs and will maximize store sales.
  2. Must be an NRA certified Range Safety Officer. Or must pass an NRA online course/or NRA RSO course classroom session as a condition of employment
  3. Ability to work on POS system and greet customers
  4. Must be able to recognize and clear common firearm stoppages. Extensive knowledge of firearms, both handgun and common long guns required
  5. Associates will focus on building customer loyalty through outstanding customer service by asking questions, listening, recommending products and closing the sale.
  6. Assure visual standards are met by up-keep and maintenance to include, but not limited to restock, remerchandising, dusting and cleaning sales floor as needed.
  7. Ensure safe and proper handling of all firearms and weapons while interacting with the customers.
  8. Perform other related duties as assigned by management.
  9. Ability to understand, recall and follow complex compliance regulations.
  10. Must have the ability to pay close attention to detail to insure accuracy of work.

Ability to prioritize and accomplish multiple projects as well as the ability to troubleshoot and resolve common problems. 

Job Knowledge: Remain up-to-date and demonstrate working knowledge of the job – effectively utilizes internal processes, systems and technology and participates in training relevant to position.

Education/Experience:  High School diploma as appropriate for age or working towards a High School diploma, GED or equivalent required; with 3+ years in a fast paced retail environment mandatory.  Extensive firearms knowledge is a plus, but we can help educate you, so not mandatory.  Military experience a plus, and women strongly encouraged to apply.

Adaptability/Flexibility: Demonstrates willingness to perform work outside assigned area adopting a whole store attitude, grasps instruction, learns quickly adapting to change and increase efforts when necessary to complete assignments

Strong computer skills with the ability to effectively maneuver in a Windows environment and through Microsoft Office products. POS experience a positive

Be knowledgeable of merchandise on the floor as well as in the backroom, including verification of the current selling price. Keep current on all new product information. Be familiar with the daily advertising and promotions to accurately inform the customer

Must have the ability to effectively communicate with customers, both verbally and written, clearly and concisely in English, and other business contacts in a courteous, positive and professional manner. 

Must be willing to work a flexible schedule based on business needs, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Able to freely access all areas of the store including sales floor, stock area and register area by standing, walking, stooping, crawling, climbing, crouching, kneeling and climbing a ladder; ability to lift, and/or move up to 50 lbs.

Must be at least 21 years of age and be eligible to sell firearms under ATF regulations.

Ann Arbor Arms Cashier

Hiring for Weekends and Evenings

Job Description and Duties
Ann Arbor Arms cashiers perform several job duties. Typically, cashiers focus on the wants and needs of customers. Specific job duties consist of greeting customers and ringing up purchases and handling returns. Other duties performed by Ann Arbor Arms cashiers include stocking products, answering phones, communicating with coworkers and completing other administrative requirements. To perform Ann Arbor Arms cashier jobs successfully, employees should possess above-average communication skills and basic math knowledge.  Knowledge of computer based programs is a plus. Ann Arbor Arms cashiers and other store employees must also work in a busy and fast-paced environment with coworkers and customers of various backgrounds. 

Physical Demands

Cashiers are required to be able to stand and walk for 75% of the time.  The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.

Salary and Compensation
Workers seeking Ann Arbor Arms jobs must first undergo the hiring process for employment consideration. Ann Arbor Arms runs background checks and drug screens on all persons offered a position with us.  Job seekers may work as a cashier with Ann Arbor Arms at age 21. Ann Arbor Arms cashiers must look presentable, communicate well, and be capable of performing repetitive tasks. For entry level cashiers Ann Arbor Arms start above minimum wage and quite often start around $10.00 an hour.  Many hourly employees earn a surprising amount of job benefits working at Ann Arbor Arms. FT Employee benefits may include discounts on products, health insurance and retirement plans.

Please send your resume to jobs@annarborarms.com