TypeOnsite Course
Time4 horus

Duration: 4 hours
Course Fee: $100

In this 4-hour course, we work from concealment in a number of real-world based positions and situations. Students will learn drawing and engaging from concealment while seated, while on the ground, and while standing at an off angle from your threat/target. We will introduce movement between positions of cover/concealment and work through the fundamentals of marksmanship and the realities of malfunctions while shooting around barricades. This is an action packed course intended to give the student a taste of the many variables involved in effectively and safely working with your concealed carry gun and gear while in simulated real-world environments.

PREREQUISITE: This is NOT a beginner class! We encourage students to have a current concealed carry license though it is not required to participate. At a minimum students must have completed our Concealed Carry 1 or an equivalent course prior to enrolling in Concealed Carry 2.


 – Reliable modern handgun (Centerfire firearms are recommended over rimfire due to dry-fire training exercises during class)
– Minimum two (2) magazines
– Quality rigid holster (plastic or leather) that can be drawn from and re-holstered one handed. (NOTE: For training safety reasons bra holsters, behind-the-back, cross draw holsters, soft side or collapsible holsters will not be allowed in class.)
– Gun belt
– 25+ rounds of ammunition
– Ballistic Eye protection
– Ear protection
– Firearm lubrication and cleaning supplies.
– Closed toe shoes
– High collared shirt
– An open and receptive mindset

Ammo Requirement: 200 Rounds of ball FMJ practice ammunition appropriate for your firearm.

 Class registration can be transferred to another date/event given 72 hours notice of event start date.
Cancelation: 25% of class/event fee non-refundable deposit.
Refunds: Refunds for the balance of event fee, if no transfer is possible, are issued in the form of store gift cards only.
No-Show: Participants who do not show to the event without prior 72-hour notice forfeit their total registration fees.