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20 Jul 2021

Meet Tim!


The man, the myth, the legend. This week, we interviewed Tim, the Director of Range and Retail here at Ann Arbor Arms. This guy has lived an incredible life and we are so excited to tell you about it! 

Q: What is your role and what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

TIM: I am the Director of Range and Retail and I do everything I can to get both of those departments to run smoothly. Daily, I’m doing high level management of inventory and product selection to make sure we have “the goods”. I also spend a lot of my time on customer relations and memberships, keeping up to date with ATF and OSHA compliances and setting business goals. 

Q: What’s your gun background? How did you get interested in the industry in the first place?

TIM: Well, I grew up hunting and was always a firearm enthusiast. I was also in the Military and used to shoot as a hobby, largely at outdoor shooting ranges back in the day.

Q: Can you talk a bit about your background as a veteran? How has that shaped your life?

TIM: Originally I joined the Marines active duty with an Embassy Duty MOS because I wanted to travel, but my roommate got deployment papers and I realized that I wanted to deploy with him and our buddies so I made a quick change to Reserve Marines. This allowed me just enough time to complete boot camp and School of Infantry and join Charlie Co 1/24 Marines as they were activated 10 days after the completion of my training. I was deployed to Fallujah Iraq in 2006. Shortly after getting there, I was hit by a roadside bomb which killed the men on either side of me. I was thrown forty feet, causing compression fractures in my lower back, sustained moderate traumatic brain injuries and lost my right leg. I spent five years in the hospital after that, but the experience gave me so many opportunities. I was selected to play on the Military Paralympic Basketball team and was recruited for a developing Paralympic snowboarding team! After that, I became a semi-accomplished  golfer and did a lot of motivational speaking. Eventually I reached a point where I wanted to settle down and start a family and after being a frequent customer with Ann Arbor Arms, I decided to reach out looking for a job. At the time, the job was going to be sort of a stepping stone until I figured out my next move, but anything I do, I do it all the way or else I don’t do it – so here I am all these years later!

Q: What’s your mission? 10 years from now, what do you want to have accomplished? 

TIM: I want to see Ann Arbor Arms spread throughout Southeast Michigan. We have assembled the bada**es and we are all gathered here for a specific purpose and I know that what we’ve achieved so far is not even indicative of what we can achieve in the future because that would mean none of us have any imagination – we are at the limits of our imagination and in business it’s the young and fresh perspectives that survive and I just know we have that here at A3. 

Q: What’s something that people wouldn’t know about you when they first meet you? 

TIM: I have 11 siblings! 

Q: What is your favorite gun to shoot?

TIM: Definitely an AR – they’re just so fun, and I especially love the ability to customize them and change everything to fit exactly what you want. They’re literally grown up legos. You can build it however you want and it also has a sense of an era to it. In the progression of guns, the AR’s were my era – in the early 2000’s in the service, that was the gun. 

Q: And lastly, why A3 for you?

TIM: Originally it was an opportunity and it’s still an opportunity to define how the gun industry should be. By working here, I have the opportunity to shape what this job is and I get to fully determine how people should be treated and what their experience should be like.It’s also an amazing opportunity to have a fingerprint so heavily on what can and will happen here at Ann Arbor Arms and for the firearms industry as a whole. We can do things differently and we don’t have to settle for the old status quo. I feel that we really have the opportunity to do things better and become a new industry standard in the firearms world.

Now that you know Tim in a nutshell, come by and say hi any time! You can pretty much always catch him on the floor helping customers to perfectly fit their needs.