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20 Jul 2021

Who Is Ann Arbor Arms?


Welcome to Ann Arbor Arms, a gun store and a shooting range, yes. But above all else, we’re a community first and foremost. Sure, you can tell we are different just by looking at our mission statement and our core values, but businesses make mission statements every day and it doesn’t always translate into their daily practices. So how can we prove to you that A3 is a community unlike any other? We decided to interview our guests and employees so that you can hear it for yourself right from the members of our community!

“Where People Matter Most”

It’s not often that you find a gun range with the tagline, “Where People Matter Most”. But what does that really mean? In our interviews, we asked people 3 important questions to try to get at the core of how our mission statement functions in real life. Question number one asked people,  “What does A3 stand for in your own words?” Number two asked,  “How would you describe the community of employees, members and customers?” And finally question number three, “Why choose Ann Arbor Arms above all other ranges?” The TLDR: most answers for all three questions spoke about the accepting, open and respectful community of people that make up Ann Arbor Arms’s unique, welcoming culture. Keep reading for a taste of what our community is like!

QUESTION 1: “What does Ann Arbor Arms stand for in your own words?”

Of course we have a defined mission statement and set of core values that we live by, but we wanted to know what people are actually experiencing when they work or shop here. One interviewee really summed it up in three words by saying “We’re a family.” Not only do the employees feel like a family, but A3’s guests also feel like they are part of that family. Another participant said, “A3 is about bringing people together from all walks of life over a shared passion for firearms”. No matter your background, religious beliefs or political opinions, it was clear from our interviews that everyone feels welcome at Ann Arbor Arms. Through the passion for safety, education and firearms, people of all kinds and belief systems are able to come together in a way that is rare in our current day and age. Wherever you stand, you will always be treated with respect. Additionally, another interviewee mentioned that no matter how experienced you are with firearms – maybe you have no experience, maybe you are a veteran, maybe you are a police officer, or maybe just an experienced civilian gun owner – you will always be welcome here at Ann Arbor arms. We have education options for the extremely experienced firearm owners, and are always especially respectful of newcomers because education and safe gun ownership are what we care about most! 

QUESTION 2: “How would you describe the community of A3 employees, members and customers?”

Similar to the question above, our interviewees all spoke about the diversity of our community, which is due to the respect and accepting nature that has been created from the top down. Our favorite response came from an Ann Arbor Arms employee who said, “You see everything [at the store]. All walks of life; far left, far right, middle. We bring a really diverse group of people together;  we may not be in the same mindset on other things, but we can connect about gun passion and when that happens, it’s like nothing else matters”. Another employee followed up by saying how important it is that Ann Arbor Arms treats all experience and knowledge levels with respect. Since our whole goal is to build a safer firearm community and let education prevail, judgment has no place here.

QUESTION 3: “Why choose A3 above other ranges?”

Pretty much every person who answered this question spoke about our stellar customer service. An A3 employee put it this way, “A lot of the stores and ranges are just trying to get money out of you and know nothing about what they’re selling. Their training is basic and they don’t offer anything else exciting or advanced. Meanwhile, the products and the high level of education we offer, plus the kind and respectful way we treat our customers makes us far superior to any other store or range in the area”. Well said! We think that is the perfect answer because our goal is to be exactly that – different and better.

If you’ve ever been to Ann Arbor Arms before, you were probably nodding your head “YES!” to all of the quotes above! However, if you’ve never been here but are looking for a place with a great selection of products, stellar customer service, high levels of knowledge and access to stellar education, Ann Arbor Arms is the place for you! We look forward to seeing you here soon and making you a part of our community!