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AR Build Class

AR Build Class

AR Build Class

This two part course will give students an in-depth understanding of their rifle and allow them to build a complete firearm with direct support and supervision of an experienced builder.  With enrollment in this class, students will receive a 10% discount on any parts needed for the course!  This course is designed to take any individual, regardless of experience, with an interest in AR-15 rifles and educate them to a level where they would be comfortable repeating the process on their own.

Session 1: Instruction and Demo Build

During the first portion of this class, we will go over a variety of topics starting with the design and operation of the AR-15 platform so that the student will have a better understanding of how the parts we select will be working together.  As we move through the parts on the screen, we will have a rifle at the front of the class that we will be assembling, step by step.  As we assemble this rifle, we will also cover problem spots with the AR platform and how to diagnose functional issues that can arise from improper assembly.  This will be a very informal presentation so asking questions and participating in the assembly of the demo rifle is highly encouraged!  From there, we move into selection of parts for each student’s weapon.  Since there is such a wide variety of options for configuring an AR, we will be available to work with each student individually to decide on a caliber, barrel length, furniture set and the like.  Each student will be provided a “Build Checklist” on which we will note what parts they already have and what parts we need to order.  If you need a lower receiver, you will have the option to fill out the paperwork and purchase that item immediately after the class.  You must have ownership of the receiver before you can participate in the test fire during Session 2.

Session 2: Assembly and Test Fire

In this second session, the students will bring all parts necessary to complete a firearm and we will assemble each firearm.  There will be no instruction during this portion, only assembly and function check so show up ready to dive in!  Students will need to have all parts on their checklist on the day of the class in order to participate in the test fire.  We recommend you bring or purchase 40 rounds of whatever caliber your build is chambered in for function check.  After assembly, students get the option to spend the rest of the class time in the range with their new firearm or simply take it home.  If, for some reason, your rifle is not functioning correctly after assembly, we will use the rest of the class time to diagnose and correct any issues you are having.

(Optional) Custom Assembly

If you want the education and assistance with selecting your parts but don’t want to do the assembly work here with us, you may opt to have our Armorer assemble and test fire your rifle for an additional $150.  Your rifle will be ready for pick up the same day as Session 2 and on that date, you may either sit in on the assembly portion of class or you’ll receive a voucher for 2 free hours of range time that you may use anytime within 60 days.

More info and rules for selecting parts

  • All tools necessary for assembly will be provided for use during Session 2. If you know that this will be the first of many AR builds for you, we suggest you purchase your tools and bring them for the assembly portion so that you can get experience with what you¿ll use in the future
  • This course is intended to educate the student while also providing an opportunity to save some money on their AR build
  • The 10% discount applies only to the parts necessary to complete one rifle and any AR build tools the individual wishes to purchase from us
  • At the end of Session 1, we will work with each student to make sure they have or are able to procure all the parts on their checklist in time for Session 2
  • If a student wants to use a specific part or parts that we cannot procure for them, they are responsible for procuring it themselves before Session 2. We will not extend, refund or move the class because a student chose to get a part elsewhere and did not receive it in time
  • If, for some reason, a part we order for you does not arrive in time for assembly in Session 2, we will offer an alternative option or another date to do the assembly and test fire
  • This course is primarily geared toward individuals who have never assembled an AR from bare parts but will still be of educational value for those who may have some experience with assembling AR-15 type rifles
  • This course is for building standard gas impingement AR-15 type rifles chambered in 5.56/.223 or .300 BLK. We WILL NOT be covering anything related to pistol caliber, piston driven or AR-10 rifles
  • If you purchased parts from other stores and have questions regarding the configuration please contact us before the class. Specifically gas blocks configurations
  • If you assemble your firearm into a pistol configuration, you must fill out a Michigan State Police Pistol Registration Form number RI-060 before leaving the store and it is your responsibility to make sure the registration copy


  • Cancellations must be made 7 days in advance. If you do not give us 7 days notice of a cancellation participants forfeit their total registration fees.
  • Refunds: Refunds for balance of class fee are issued in the form of store gift cards only.
  • The parts you purchased for the class can only be returned for an in-store credit. You must have the original receipt, the parts must be in new condition, must be in the original packaging, and must be returned within 10 days of purchase. Special Orders Cannot Be Returned.
  • No-Show participants who do not show to the event without a 7 DAY NOTICE forfeit their total registration fees.

Class Name: AR Build Class

Price: $100

Upcoming Date

Session 1: 3/14/2020
Session 2: 3/28/2020

Length: 6 Hours per session (2 sessions)

Level: Beginner



Required Gear



40 Rounds of Ammunition in your chosen caliber (session 2 only)

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Class Schedule

Cancellation Policy

Class registrations can be transferred to another date/event given 48 hours’ notice. This does not apply to Concealed Pistol License classes, which require 72 hours’ notice.

Cancellations inside the 48 or 72 hour time frame will be subject to a 25% penalty for refund. This penalty can be waived if rescheduling.

Refunds for balance of class/event fees, if no transfer is possible, are issued in the form of store gift cards only.

Participants who do not show to the event without any prior notice will forfeit their total registration fees.