Harley is a Vietnam Veteran (U.S. Navy SeaBees) and retired after 38 years in law enforcement with a county department and a metropolitan authority that spanned five counties. He was lead firearms instructor at both departments and at two police academies in Michigan. He was also selected by the State of Michigan in the ‘90s to revamp the basic police academy firearms training program. Harley was active in pistol competition for 15 years, earning more than 120 local, state, regional and national awards, including State Champion, Regional Champion, National Champion Deputy Sheriff, National Service Revolver Aggregate Champion, and National Semi-Automatic Service Pistol High Master Champion. He is also a past president of the Michigan Police Combat Pistol Association (MPCPA). In addition to participating in competition, Harley has trained in numerous respected programs throughout the country, including the Gunsite Academy, Smith & Wesson Academy, Sig Sauer Academy and Ann Arbor Arms Academy. Harley strongly believes in regular and continuous training and in developing firearms skills through friendly competition.