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Carbine Fundamentals

Carbine Fundamentals and Applications

Carbine Fundamentals and Applications

Basic :: A great beginner level class for those new to AR15 Carbines looking to learn essential marksmanship and manipulation skills. In this 4-hour class we cover safe gun handling techniques, stance, grip, loading/unloading, types of reloads, malfunctions, ready positions and the fundamentals of marksmanship. While this class covers a wide range of material we do so in a relaxed, fun, yet structured manner. Perfect for the new shooter and those looking to get back into the game! Gain the confidence to practice on your own or polish up rusty skill sets.

Level 2 :: Building on the knowledge from Basic Carbine Fundamentals , this Level 2 course will further enhance your effectiveness with your rifle by teaching you new skills and manipulation techniques through drills and repetition.

Class Name: Carbine Fundamentals and Applications

Cost: $100 - $200

Length: Basic is 4 Hours; Level 2 is 8 Hours.

Level: Beginner


It is preferred that classes are taken in order, Basic first, then Level 2.

Required Gear

AR15 Carbine of choice chambered in .223/5.56
Minimum three (3) magazines
Ballistic Eye protection
Ear protection
Firearm lubrication and cleaning supplies.
Closed toe shoes
High collared shirt
An open and receptive mindset

Required Ammo

200 Rounds of ball FMJ practice ammunition appropriate for your firearm.

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Class Schedule

Cancellation Policy

Class registrations can be transferred to another date/event given 48 hours’ notice. This does not apply to Concealed Pistol License classes, which require 72 hours’ notice.

Cancellations inside the 48 or 72 hour time frame will be subject to a 25% penalty for refund. This penalty can be waived if rescheduling.

Refunds for balance of class/event fees, if no transfer is possible, are issued in the form of store gift cards only.

Participants who do not show to the event without any prior notice will forfeit their total registration fees.