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Glock 41 Gen 4

  • Model: GLOCK 41 Gen4
  • Caliber: .45 Auto
  • Design: Maximizes sight radius for improved accuracy, weight distribution, and balance.
  • Reduced Muzzle Flip and Felt Recoil: Longer barrel and slide contribute to reducing muzzle flip and felt recoil.
  • MOS Configuration: Allows for easy mounting of a miniature reflex sight without the need for a new slide or separate mounting system.
  • Modular Beavertail Backstrap System: Enables instant customization of the grip to accommodate different hand sizes.
  • Reversible Magazine Catch: Ideal for both left and right-handed shooters, offering ambidextrous functionality.

Overall, the GLOCK 41 Gen 4 offers enhanced accuracy, control, and customization options, making it a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of shooting applications.