45 Metty Dr, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103


Glock 44 Gen 5

    • Model: GLOCK 44
    • Caliber: .22 LR (rimfire)
    • Perfect for Range Use: Ideal pistol for beginners or experienced shooters looking to enhance their skills at the range.
    • Polymer and Steel Construction: Provides the experience of shooting a GLOCK pistol with the benefits of lightweight and low recoil.
    • Compact Size: Rimfire pistol with a compact size, suitable for nearly every hand size.
    • Adjustable Backstraps: Supplied with different backstraps to adapt to various hand sizes.
    • GLOCK Marksman Barrel: Ensures high precision and accuracy.
    • Adjustable Rear Sights: Slim polymer rear sights are adjustable for personalized shooting preferences.
    • Included Accessories: Comes with two magazines with loading assist, screwdriver for sights adjustment, cleaning kit for the smaller barrel, and a set of beavertail backstraps for customization.
    • Versatile and Well-Equipped: Offers everything a well-prepared shooter needs for a successful range session.

    Overall, the GLOCK 44 is a versatile and reliable rimfire pistol suitable for shooters of all skill levels, providing the familiar GLOCK experience with the benefits of a .22 LR caliber.