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Glock 47 Gen 5

      • Model: GLOCK 47 MOS
      • Design: No-compromise design combining features demanded by modern handguns.
      • Slide and Frame Combination: Features a GLOCK 17 Gen5 MOS slide combined with a G45 frame, providing a standard size pistol with enhanced features.
      • Slide Finish: Proven GLOCK nDLC finish on the slide for durability and corrosion resistance.
      • Flared Magazine Well: Frame features a flared magazine well that completely encircles the front of the grip, allowing for fast reloads in critical situations.
      • Forward Serrations: Precision-milled forward serrations near the front of the slide, forward of the ejection port on both sides, providing additional grip surface for slide manipulation.

      Overall, the GLOCK 47 MOS offers a combination of proven features from GLOCK’s Gen 5 series, enhanced ergonomics, and modern design elements, making it a versatile and reliable handgun suitable for various shooting applications.