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Springfield 1911 A1

  • Classic Design: The 1911 Mil-Spec .45 ACP is designed for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of classic firearms. Its design harkens back to the iconic 1911 model, evoking a sense of nostalgia for enthusiasts of vintage handguns.
  • Authentic Features: Featuring a G.I. spur hammer, arched mainspring housing, and short trigger, this 1911 stays true to its historical roots. These authentic features contribute to its classic appearance and function, reminiscent of WWII-era handguns.
  • Modern Performance: Despite its classic aesthetics, the 1911 Mil-Spec .45 ACP is equipped with modern enhancements for improved performance. The lowered and flared ejection port enhances reliability and ejection of spent casings, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Reliable Sights: Three-dot fixed steel sights provide shooters with a clear and reliable sight picture, allowing for accurate target acquisition and follow-up shots. These sights keep the pistol shooting straight, even in challenging conditions.
  • Comfortable and Safe Grip: The pistol features a proven G.I.-style grip safety and a perfect grip-to-frame angle, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold. This ergonomic design promotes safe and effective handling, allowing shooters to maintain control during firing.