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Basic Armorer Services



While we don’t work with an external gunsmith at the moment, many of our staff are certified armorers for Glock and M&P pistols and have extensive experience building and modifying AR’s. We can offer trigger and sight upgrades on select pistols, and can manage almost anything you need with your AR except pinning, welding, cutting and threading. If you have any questions please call or stop in the store to talk to one of our staff. If we can’t handle the project we are happy to point you to those who can.

A3 gunsmith services are limited. Glock and Smith and Wesson are the only handguns that sights or triggers will be installed on. Modern sporting rifles are the only long guns we will service (rail mount, gas block, buffer tube, trigger, muzzle device, safety, etc). Modern sporting rifles are considered AR-15 style rifles.

Contact us for rates and scope of work estimates.