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Chisum Kirby


My name is Chisum and I’m excited to be taking the lead on our pre-owned firearms buying and selling program!  I’m an avid shooting enthusiast with experience in sport shooting, hunting and historical firearm collecting who is lucky enough to be working with what I love daily. 

My goal in this new initiative is to offer a way for our customers to get cash for firearms they no longer want or need.  My interest in firearms includes modern guns but I have a keen interest in older weapons and anything unique or out of the ordinary.  With a background in rebuilding firearms and experience with getting forgotten and old firearms into shooting condition for this generation to enjoy, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to take treasures from the past out of closets and basements and put them in the hands of shooters who will love and appreciate them the way they were intended.  I enjoy the history behind individuals and their firearms and would love to talk to you and see whatever it is you have.  So please, if you want to trade up, slim down a collection or see what you can get for something you don’t use, come see me!  I’ll be happy to take some time to work with you on anything you have.  If you’re looking to pick up a new-to-you firearm, keep an eye on the newsletter for our featured pre-owned firearm and come check our ever changing inventory.  I can’t wait to meet you!


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