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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Clean, condition and lubricate everything from handguns to tactical weapons! Ultrasonic cleaning technology is the most progressive method available for cleaning hand guns, shotguns and tactical weapons. It provides a uniform standard of cleanliness and effectively cleans the “impossible to reach by hand” areas.


Using water based detergents with rust inhibitor and heat, unburned powder, carbon, lint, oil & dirt will be quickly removed from the field stripped gun parts usually within 4-6 minutes of immersion. Heated ultrasonic cleaning, followed by rinsing and ultrasonic lubrication with special oil, insures that the parts are moisture free and protected. After excess lubricant is removed from the parts with compressed air, they can be lubricated in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Why use ultrasonic cleaning?
Firearms need to be frequently and thoroughly cleaned and lubricated to ensure continued operational reliability. Ultrasonic cleaning provides an unsurpassed result for all firearm surfaces, both interior and exterior. Government, law enforcement agencies and gunsmiths around the world use ultrasonic cleaning systems to keep their weapons properly maintained and functioning.

How it works
Ultrasonic transducers mounted to the tank bottom produce high frequency sound waves which cause rapidly alternating high & low pressure conditions in the cleaning solution. Millions of microscopic bubbles form and then implode (a process called cavitation) resulting in an intense scrubbing action that removes fouling even in the smallest indentations, grooves and impossible to reach by hand areas.