NSSF First Shots

A3 is pleased to offer the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Federation) 1st Shots program! This 3-hour class helps to create safe, responsible and informed new shooters. If you are interested in learning about handguns or just thinking about purchasing one, but have little to no experience this is the ideal class for you. Learn about the different kinds of handguns, how they operate, safety procedures, the law, range etiquette and commands and more with our expert trainers. Join us for a fun and informative session at our family friendly range!

Cost: $50
Length: 3 Hours
Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None. This is a
beginners basic course done in
partnership with the NSSF.
Required Gear: Ear & Eye
protection, closed toe shoes, high
collard shirt, and an
open/receptive mindset.

Temporary Adjusted Hours

Saturday, Februrary 17th We Will Be Open 10PM - 6PM

Effective Tuesday 13, 2024 | New MI Gun Laws In Effect