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NEW HOURS EFFECTIVE JUly 1st, 2024 | SUN-FRI 11am-7pm Sat 10am-7pm


RIFLE Classes

BASIC :: Basic Rifle is designed to teach you how to own and operate your rifle/carbine in a safe manner. We will focus on the four universal safety rules, rifle setup, assembly and disassembly, the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, zeroing your rifle, how to load and unload your rifle in order to store it in a safe manner, and much more!

INTERMEDIATE :: Building off of your foundation from Basic Rifle, this class will continue your education on becoming a better rifle shooter. In this class we will cover: zeroing your rifle, build a stronger foundation on your fundamentals, use of rifle sling, high and low ready presentations, reloads, multiple shooting positions, transitions from dominant to non-dominant shoulder, an introduction to movement, and more.

ADVANCED :: Building off of what you have learned from our Basic and Intermediate Rifle classes, this class will test your limits and push you to become an all around better rifle shooter! Topics covered in this class will include: accelerated rifle presentation, cadence shooting, collecting data on previous engagements, on command shooting, dynamic movement drills, cognitive processing while shooting, multiple target engagements and much more!

Cost: $100 – $150
Length: 4-6 HOURS
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Required gear: AR15 Carbine of
choice chambered in .223/5.56,
Minimum three (3) magazines,
100 rounds for LEVEL 1, 300
rounds for LEVEL 2, Ballistic Eye,
protection, Ear protection, Closed
toe shoes, High collared shirt, An
open and receptive mindset
Prerequisites: Must have a solid
foundation of firearms safety and
basic firearms fundamentals. It is
preferred you take classes in