We are very proud to work with our Guest Instructors. Please see each individual Class Description for a link to their respective websites. You must register separately with the respective instructor in order to participate in their classes. Any fees paid to us are for the use of our range and facility on the class date. If you do not register and pay tuition for the class, you will not be allowed to participate.

Upcoming Dates
1/27/2023, Dynamic Environments – Click HERE
1/28/2023, Baseline Pistol & Baseline Trauma Med – Click HERE
1/29/2023, Baseline Carbine – Click HERE
Upcoming Dates
2/17/2023, AIWB – CLICK HERE
2/18-19/2023, Hybrid Pistol – CLICK HERE
Upcoming Dates
3/25/2023, Functional Pistol Application– CLICK HERE
3/26/2023, Functional Carbine Application– CLICK HERE
Upcoming Dates
5/17/2023, 1-Day Carbine– Click HERE
5/18-19/2023, 2-Day Pistol – Click HERE
8/16/2023, 1-Day Pistol– Click HERE
8/17-18/2023, 2-Day Adv. Lowlight Concealed Pistol – Click HERE
Upcoming Dates
8/19-20/2023, Close Contact Gunfighter – CLICK HERE

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