Intro To Red Dot Fundamentals

Class Description

The Red Dot Sight (RDS) Pistol fundamentals course is designed for shooters who have made, or are currently transitioning from pistol iron sights to red dot sights. Topics covered will include:

– Zeroing

– Causes for not finding red dot

– Grip & Stance considerations

– The Draw presentation

– Squirrel and Nut analogy

– Obstructed optic shooting considerations

Cost: $100
Length: 4 Hours
Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: Must have a solid
foundation of firearms safety and
basic firearms fundamentals.
Required Gear: Modern

handgun w/ mounted optic


Minimum 150 rds of ammunition

Ear/Eye protection, closed toe shoes

Sharpie Marker

Temporary Adjusted Hours

Saturday, Februrary 17th We Will Be Open 10PM - 6PM

Effective Tuesday 13, 2024 | New MI Gun Laws In Effect