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Our team

Our team

Adam, Gunsmith

Alicia, HR Coordinator

Ashley, Inventory Coordinator

Brandon, Associate

Cody, Compliance Officer

Dalton, Associate

Dalton S, Associate

Deandre, Associate

Greg, Proprietor

Greg has long been an enthusiast of both shooting sports and life in general. He has been a partner at A3 since the facility was opened in 2015 and looks forward to continuing to build positive customer relationships and create a business that appeals to the broad community.

Jacque, Proprietor

Jill, Marketing Coordinator

Joe, Inventory Manager

JP, Associate

Kim, Membership Coordinator

Lorna Kay


Michael G, Retail Manager

Michael R, Associate

Michael is all about safety—understanding that simply owning a firearm doesn’t mean you can shoot. Michael is adamant that with conceal carrying, training and practicing under stress is vital. One of his favorite quotes is: “Awareness is good, but without skill and ability tied to that awareness, all you have is anxiety.” (Tony Blauer)


Paul, Range Manager

Robby, Lead Instructor, Training & Education Coordinator

Robby is a U.S. Army Veteran and has 8 years of Law Enforcement experience—five as a SWAT Team Leader. Robby holds many advanced instructor certifications through the Department of Homeland Security. He looks to continue his service to country by giving back and providing quality training to the community.

Samantha, Office Administrator

Sarah, Director of Business Operations

Sarah has been a hunter most of her life, learning to shoot shotguns and rifles at a young age. Today, she is still an avid hunter, sharing this passion with her husband. Together, they carry on the hunting tradition with their daughters, including a strong focus on firearm safety.

Shane, Associate

Tim, Director of Retail & Range

Tonia, General Manager

Tonia was first introduced to firearms by her husband, and since has developed a love for recreational shooting and firearm safety. She is also passionate about introducing the sport to other women—focused on helping build A3’s brand to be even more welcoming to female patrons.

Travis, Business Infrastructure Coordinator