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We want to thank all of our customers, especially over the last few very trying weeks. This environment has presented a unique set of circumstances for all of us. We have done our best to address the changing environment and take both our staff and your safety into account as we do business. As we move forward the next few months, we will make adjustments as needed. We also value your feedback during this time, positive or negative.

Regarding feedback, while most has been positive, several customers and members of the general public have expressed some concerns/questions that I would like to address; mainly why does Ann Arbor Arms continue to stay open and why should it be considered an “essential business”

We are considered essential because of the following:

  • We supply product to law enforcement. We provide products and services directly to the following organizations:
    • Ann Arbor Police Department
    • The University of Michigan Police Department
    • Michigan State Police
    • Washtenaw County Sheriff Department
    • Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) Police Department
  • People are feeling the extreme need to be able to protect their households (this is “essential“). The fact that our parking lot is full from the time we open to the time we close illustrates this.

In order to protect our staff, customers and also abide by the guidelines established by the CDC and the Michigan Department of Health, we are doing the following:

  • We do not force our staff to come to work. We are paying those that choose to come into work as well as those that choose not to come in. We will continue to support our staff during this time as long we can. The employees that are working are doing so by choice and we are adhering to the safety precautions required of essential businesses. We continue to deep clean and sanitize our store daily and all areas of our facility, especially the retail area and the main floor public bathrooms. All other areas are now closed to the public.
  • The ranges are closed, only retail is open. Many customers have expressed frustration that the ranges are closed. In fact, several of our professional medical personnel customers have stated that the ranges are the ideal “anti-Covid-19” environments since all personnel are separated by more than six feet, also separated by Plexiglas walls with the bay air volume completely circulated through several filters every 80 seconds. Unfortunately, that ranges are considered “indoor recreation” and are therefore considered non-essential.
  • We have instituted limited hours, 11a 6p. This gives us time to restock and completely clean the store after closing.
  • We are severely limiting the volume of customers into the store (no more than 5 at a time). At no time will total personnel on the floor, with staff, exceed 10 people.
  • No children allowed in the store.
  • No lines allowed outside. People have to wait in their cars for a text to allow them into the store.

We will continue to address customer questions and concerns as they are raised. Stay strong and stay safe.

Thank you!

-A3 Management

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