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  • New Store Hours: 11AM-6PM Tuesday through Sunday
  • No More Than 5 Customers In Store At Any One Time: We will have a staff member at the door facilitating this. We will take down your information and call or text you when a spot becomes available!
  • No Lines To Be Formed At The Door: We will require all waiting customers to be in their cars. We cannot have a line formed at the door due to social distancing guidelines.
  • No Phone Consults In Store: In order for us to be able to serve as many people as we can, please have an idea of what you are looking for. Its okay if you have questions or concerns about something, but we are trying to eliminate holdups caused by customers consulting with their friends or family over telephone while shopping in the store.
  • Essential Customers Only: To help eliminate overcrowding and the spreading of germs, we are disallowing any added guests. Only those that are making a purchase will be allowed to enter the store. This means no children, friends, family etc.
  • Ammunition Limitations: Due to an increasingly high demand and a limited amount of supply, we are restricting ammunition purchases based on availability of any particular caliber. With shipments coming in constantly, we will continue to monitor supply and make provisions as we see fit.
  • The Range Will Continue To Be Closed: Unfortunately, the range portion of our facility will remain closed for the time being. We will continue to evaluate this and let you know when we are able to re-open it safely.
  • Facemask a must: We will not be allowing anyone into the store without some sort of facemask. Our employees’ and customers’ health continues to remain our number one priority and we will not be able to serve anyone who does not abide with this.

Ann Arbor Arms - Expect something different

“Where people matter most” isn’t just a tagline…it’s at the heart of our mission at Ann Arbor Arms (A3). From the classes and training offered to personalized customer service and our newly restructured memberships—it’s all about providing a unique and premium customer experience. It’s all about the people. See why you can expect something different at A3…


Visit our 11,000-square foot retail space, outfitted with a unique and comprehensive collection of products and brands typically not found in other stores. Also walk through our dedicated boutique designed exclusively for our female patrons.


Enjoy shooting in one of our modern, state-of-the-art indoor ranges. Become a member and gain access to our tactical bay and action target all-wheel drive automated target system (along with other great benefits)!

Stay Safe

Dig in to our comprehensive roster of classes for all skill levels and interests—led by our team of certified, expert instructors who are all focused on keeping you and our community safe.

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Safety first!

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