Pistol Level 1 & 2

Level 1 :: A great beginner level class for those new to handguns looking to learn essential handgun marksmanship and manipulation skills. In this 4-hour class we cover safe gun handling techniques, stance, grip, loading/unloading, malfunctions, ready positions and the fundamentals of marksmanship. While this class covers a wide range of material we do so in a relaxed, fun, yet structured manner. Perfect for the new shooter and those looking to get back into the game! Gain the confidence to practice on your own or polish up rusty skill sets.

Level 2 :: Pistol Level 2 is designed to focus on the manipulation and performance application of pistol shooting. THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER LEVEL COURSE. In this course you will learn to draw your pistol from a holster in the most time efficient manner, different effective ways to reload your pistol, how to clear weapons malfunctions, to shoot from many different positions, cadence shooting, trigger manipulation, and much more. There will also be movement while shooting, therefore a moderate level of fitness is required. This course will push you outside of your comfort zone and will help you build confidence as a proficient shooter.

Cost: $100 – $175
Length: Level 1 is 4 Hours; Level 2
is 6 Hours
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Required gear: Modern handgun,
minimum 2 magazines, 100
rounds for LEVEL 1, 300 rounds
for LEVEL 2, Eye & Ear protection,
closed toe shoes, high collard
shirt, and an open/receptive
Prerequisites: Must have a solid
foundation of firearms safety and
basic firearms fundamentals. It is
preferred you take classes in
order: Level 1, then Level 2.

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