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NEW HOURS EFFECTIVE JUly 1st, 2024 | SUN-FRI 11am-7pm Sat 10am-7pm


Responsible Carry

You have your CPL, now what? This 4-hour class is designed to give you a base of skills to begin your concealed carry training and help you trouble shoot common concealed carry issues. We will cover in detail situational awareness, drawing from concealment, re-holstering, engaging a target from concealment, reloading drills, and clearing common handgun malfunctions. In addition, we will help you with holster selection, placement and concealment options. A great next-step to transition from static range practice to incorporating a firearm into your everyday lifestyle and personal protection plan.

Cost: $125
Length: 4 Hours
Level: Advanced
Required Gear: Modern handgun,
minimum 3 magazines, 200
rounds of ammunition, Eye & Ear
protection, a solid concealment
holster, a rigid gun belt, closed toe
shoes, high collard shirt, and an
open/receptive mindset.
Prerequisites: This course is NOT
a beginner class. Students must
have their concealed carry license
to participate. Students must also
have a solid grasp of basic
handgun fundamentals and
firearms safety.