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Premium Private Lesson

Premium Private Lesson


This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of $200.00


Tired of the same old basic training look no further! This one hour private lesson is designed to cover your advance training needs whether it is holster draws, rapid fire, or moving and shooting, our instructors will cover these topics and more. You can train with either your handgun, carbine or both! Have you ever wanted to learn how to switch from primary to secondary firearms? Now you can practice and improve all of these advance skills in a private setting. Not only will you be able to cover advance topics but the whole bay will be closed down just for you and your instructor so the training drills and opportunities are limited by the walls, ceilings, backstop, and the instructors imagination!


– Reliable modern handgun or rifle (Center-fire firearms are recommended over rim-fire due to dry-fire training exercises during class) or you may rent a firearm from A3’s extensive selection.

– Minimum two (2) magazines

– Optional: Quality rigid holster (plastic or leather) that can be drawn from and re-holstered one handed. (NOTE: For training safety reasons bra holsters, behind-the-back, cross draw holsters, soft side or collapsible holsters will not be allowed in class.)

– Gun belt

– Ballistic Eye protection

– Ear protection

– Firearm lubrication and cleaning supplies.

– Closed toe shoes

– High collared shirt

– An open and receptive mindset

Ammo Requirement: 200 rounds


Scheduling: Please call the store at 734-531-6650 and ask for the range counter

Transfer: Class registration can be transferred to another date/event given 72 hours notice of event start date.

Cancellation: $25 of class/event fee non-refundable deposit if not cancelled within the required 72 hour notice.

Refunds: Refunds for balance of event fee, if no transfer is possible, are issued in the form of store gift cards only.

No-Show: Participants who do not show to the event without prior 72 hour notice forfeit their total registration fees.