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Ann Arbor Arms is a radically new concept in firearms and personal defense — a gun shop that is clean, professional, and welcoming. Whether you’re looking for a handgun, rifle, a firearms accessory, or that specialized item for home defense like a taser or pepper spray, Ann Arbor Arms is happy to help you find it. Not sure of the exact difference between a pistol, handgun or revolver? We’re happy to help educate you. Are you an expert shooter seeking a hard-to-find gun part or a mil-spec AR-15? Stop in and talk to us — if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it … or maybe even learn it from you!


We enjoy helping our customers be prepared, not only for natural disasters, but for first aid emergencies, survival situations, extreme adventure settings, and any other time when self-sufficiency is called for. Check out what we offer in first aid kits, food storage, emergency response tools, and survival kits!


We love the tactical shooting sports and we’re passionate about home and personal protection, but we didn’t start out as experts. If you’ve dared to go into a gun shop in the Ann Arbor area, or anywhere in Southeast Michigan, you may have noticed that not all firearms dealers welcome beginners. We do! Let us know if you’re just starting out, and we’ll help guide you to resources and equipment that make sense for your ability level.


There are plenty of places where you can shop for rifles, shotguns and revolvers, but we focus on tactical and personal defense firearms, so we pay attention to the needs of those who carry concealed weapons (pistols, pepper spray, or tasers) or carry firearms at work. We try hard to be a place where men and women, beginners, casual shooters, experts and law enforcement personnel alike can come and be treated with respect.


Join us for a league event! Programs available for the beginner to the seasoned enthusiast. BEGINNER’S PISTOL LEAGUE – INTERMEDIATE PISTOL LEAGUE – MEMBER’S LEAGUE – WOMEN’S LEAGUE



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